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Javea is a busy seaside resort on the Costa Blanca during the summer months. With a relative lack of hotels nearby Javea the majority of tourists spend their vacation time here in holiday rentals in Javea or nearby urbanisations. Generally, the closer the vacation rental is to the Arenals sandy beaches, the more expensive it will be, however there are bargains to be found still and last minute deals from landlords desperate to fill their properties.

The general quality of rental villas in Javea is incredibly high. Swimmingpools, wifi internet, ensuite bathrooms is more of a necessity here than a luxury extra. Most often though the villas for rent will require you to rent a car or find other ways of transporting yourself during your stay, as they will typically be located a few kilometres from the actual beach and centre of the resort. A limited number of villas are available for rent within walking distance of the Arenal beach, for instance on Ultramar, however they tend to charge dearly for the privilige.

The rental apartments in Javea come in a wider range of qualities than the villas and as such you would be advised to do proper research of the specific apartment to ensure it lives up to your expectations. There are well maintained and luxury apartments with seaview and within walking distance of the beach, plenty of them, but obviously you must be willing to pay for the comfort and convenience. On the upside you dont particularly need a car when staying in such accomodation, as all facilities are within walking distance including doctors, shopping, playgrounds for the kids etc. Ask the rental agent or landlord for a specific map and recent pictures prior to booking though, as alot of apartments are indeed guest houses or underbuilds to villas much further from the Arenal beach, other centrally located apartments suffer from a lack of maintenance or facilities. So, if youre opting for a nice beach resort apartment for your vacation in Spain, Javea can certainly deliver, but you need to do a little bit of homework.

In terms of pricing you generally get what you pay for. On average an 800euro villa is nicer than a 400euro one. However, there are tips and tricks to get the holiday accomodation of your dreams without having to get on your knees in the local bank first. Firstly, rental agents charge an agents fee, provide change overs at a cost and has built in advertising costs, as such it is only natural that professional rental agents charge a higher fee per week for their holiday rentals than private landlords. You can probably cut round 20% off the price simply by going private, although the rental agents come with the extra security of having an office you can go to if something isnt satisfactory, some accountability in terms of business registration and reputation to maintain etc. The reports of fraudulent private landlords are few and far between, merely cautioning that if you want added security when paying your deposit or facing a complaint, a rental agent is a better option for you.

Forget your shyness, be blunt and ready to haggle for a better price. Specially in these times when the crisis has hit Spain hard, alot of rental agents and private landlords will be willing to negotiate downwards from their listing prices. Expect some leeway but obviously you will be rejected if you make laughable offers of say less than 50-60% of the listing price.

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Knowing how to find the best offers might be the most efficient shortcut to proper bargains though, and the highest ranked or most popular rental agent websites will usually be the exact wrong place to start. Try using the local groups on facebook instead for instance. If you are looking for a rental holiday home in Javea, try joining the local group “Javea Connect”, make a post including your requirements and suddenly the offers will come to you instead of vice versa. Similarly local newspapers often have online versions you can browse through for offers, that might not be available through the normal rental agent channels.

Whatever you choose, have a fantastic holiday in Javea. Try to take at least one day off away from the beach and get a glimpse of the extra ordinary beauty, the many astonishing landmarks and viewing points, the historic architecture or the other leisure activities available. Bon voyage!

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