Moors and Christians – The Final Battles

The final battles between the Moors and Christians in Jávea 2012 are ready to be fought this Saturday and Sunday evening. If you fancy experiencing some of the most visually spectacular fiestas in Spain, the Moors and Christians final weekend is the place to go.

Moros i cristiansMoros y cristianos

Saturday evening on the Jávea port features stunning enactment of the grand battles as the Christians launched an offensive to drive the invading Moors back out to sea. You can enjoy the spectacle through the night by simply heading to the port and following the action, chilling out in the many promenade bars with tapas and refreshments. The Saturday nights events at Moors and Christians ends with Correfocs, a mad fireworks chase in the streets, and disco till the early hours of Sunday morning.

The grand finale of Moors and Christians 2012 in Xábia is reached with a parade of all participants in full traditional gear. The parade is followed by a Fireworks At Sea display that shouldn’t be missed.

It is entirely free to attend all the events of the Moors and Christians, they take place on the Jávea port and the interesting parts start as the sun sets behind Móntgo. Leaving you plenty of time to head there early evening for the Medieval market and dinner before the shows start.

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