Breakfast On The Beach – Summer in Jávea

The morning sun is shining over Jávea. A slight breeze from the Mediterranean. The first skinny dippers are sticking their feet in the warm shallow waters in the Javea bay. Time for a bit of breakfast and relaxation on the beach….

Fresh squeezed orange juice, boiling hot coffee brewed to perfection, maybe a bocadillo or a full English breakfast ? Never forget to enjoy the little things as well during your holiday breaks in Jávea.

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Most places on the Arenal Beach serve breakfast from opening till early afternoon when they swap to the siesta menu. Most places will have their menus available in Spanish, English and maybe German, but should you stumble upon a purely Spanish menu, here´s a couple of breakfast essentials:

Desayunos = Breakfast
Café Americano = Regular black coffee
Café Con Leche = Coffee with milk
Tortilla = Omelet

So if you desire a full English breakfast you would for instance say: Desayunos Ingles con café americano, por favor … but of course, on the Arenal Beach speaking basic English at the very least is the standard for all waitresses, if you dont dare to venture into Spanish.

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