Jávea Holidays – What To Do In June ?

Summer has come to the Costa Blanca. Even unheated pools are warm enough for a comfortable swim and the beaches are filling up with skinny dippers and sunbathing tourists. As always, a holiday in Jávea can be pleasantly enjoyed without leaving the sandy beaches of the Arenal and the surrounding restaurants, bars and activities. However, if you want to add more diverse experiences to your vacation in Javea Spain, June is the perfect month to visit as it is overflowing with exciting things to do.

Sant Joan De Fogueras in Jávea
The main event in June in Jávea has to be the annual Spanish fiesta Fogueras De Sant Joan. A 2 week celebration of the saint Joan kicking off with inaugurations on the 9th of June and then running at full pace from the 14th to the 23th of June. Fogueras De Sant Joan in Javea is a fiesta like to other. During the days you can enjoy sports in the streets, traditional religious parades with colorful costumes and plenty of eye candy.

Obviously there will be bulls at Fogueras. Plenty of bulls. Involved in bull running chasing the residents round town, chasing the players in bull football, delivering a big bull poo to settle the bull bingo and so forth. No harm is done to the bulls and no bull fighting takes place. It is perfectly safe to go and watch the events even if you feel strongly about animal rights, the bulls are treasured and looked after well.

bull running Jáveabulls at fiesta spain

In the evening and nights Xábia old town is buzzing with party activities all through Fogueras De Sant Joan. The main squares of Javea old town have live music or DJs playing every night. The special penyas and quintas have little home made bars throwing spontaneous parties on every street corner. The nights in Jávea are not to be missed if you love excessive fireworks displays, wild drunken parades, burning statues, jumping over burning fires in the streets and a whole range of other mad activities forming the extraordinary experience that Fogueras De Sant Joan truly is.

fogueras de sant joan javeafogueras de sant joan javea

The main Jávea fiesta reaches it climax with the insane night of fire, Correfocs. This is a night for the daring. It starts out with jumping burning fires for good luck before the insane spectacle kicks off with demons chasing everyone through the streets by firing fireworks directly at them. It sounds dangerous and granted, it hurts and wouldn’t pass northern European safety regulations in a million years, but it is also one of the most amazing and unique experiences you can hope to find during your holiday in Spain.

The International Festival of Javea
Another main cultural event to attend in June is the International Festival. The 3 day festival runs from the 28th to the 30th of June in Avenida Augusta. The International Festival is all about bringing cultures closer together by literally letting everyone have a little taste of each others specialties.

Physically the International Festival in Javea is setup as big horse shoe of tents with each of the tents being occupied by a different nationality displaying the prides of their home country and serving their local dishes. It will be possible to have a thorough taste of international cuisine from more than 20 countries including Spain, Peru, Brasil, Germany, France, Bolivia, Colombia, Morocco, Greece and many others. The culinary delights are spiced up with entertainment on a big stage featuring performances from the various nationalities as well as live music.

Exhibitions in Javea
A grand exhibition featuring the “Art and death in the Montgo, the cave in the Migdia ravine” (Art i mort al Montgó; la Cova del barranc de Migdia) is available to the public all through June at the Cime Foundations exhibition hall at Avenida De Alicante 18. The “Art and death in the Montgo” exhibition displays the explorations of ancient caves, the cave paintings and the graves found in the Migdia ravine in Montgó. Certain of the findings can be dated all the way back to the Chalcolithic period (some 4,683 years ago). If history and archeology has your interest, this is an exhibition not to be missed – and it is presented by the very people conducting the explorations of the Montgó caves, so you are guaranteed expertise, passion and know how.

Cova_de_l'aigua_inscripcion_romanasoler blasco exhibition javea

An exhibition of artworks by local Xábia artists is worth a visit in Jávea old town. The exhibition features artworks in several disciplines such as painting, patchwork, ceramics and needle work and is available to the public at Casa Tena (Calle Mayor 41) until 9th of June.

Among other interesting cultural activities and exhibitions in Jávea it is worth pointing to Soler Blascos photographic display at the Municipal Museum of Xábia, themed “Sahara, The Desert of Hope“. Further the artist Rosa Segura has an interesting display of sculptures at Casa Del Cable

The Nature of Javea – Outdoor Activities
Obviously sitting on the beach in the hot sunshine with a pina colada is a form of outdoor activity, but should you fancy something slightly more energetic there are excellently scenic options in Jávea.

El_camí_a_la_marina_altanature of javea

The Xábia Viva group has a tree planting day at Granadella on June 3 and there are guided walks in the nature around Portitxol. In a more relaxing fashion you have the opportunity to watch the glorious nature of the Costa Blanca from sea by jumping aboard a tour with Mundo Marina in the Jávea Port – taking you to see the miradors of the area from the sea, on day trips to Calpe, Moraira or Altea or on an adventurous speedboating experience in the Mediterranean.

Jubilees, Excercises and Football
In the more random department of events most expat bars and restaurants in Javea have street parties arranged to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee on 3rd June for the royalists. Places such as the chirinquito Mintt and L´Ancora Tennis club offers pilates, zumba and salsa classes and many other terribly exercise intensive ways of losing a few pounds in the summer heat whilst meeting new people in a fun way.

The Euro 2012 football championships kick off in June and its well worth planning to watch the games out in town in Javea. England is playing France (11th June), Sweden (15th June) and Ukraine (19th June) and following another expected devastation for the self proclaimed British favorites for the title is always funny in expat bars such as Jáveas Irish bar An Shebeen, the ports El Varadero, the Geographic café on the Arenal beach or indeed any other bar mainly catering to an English audience.

football in spaineuro 2012 javea

The glorious Spanish heroes are up against Italy (10th), Ireland (14th) and Croatia (18th) – and you really should seek out a local Spanish bar in Jávea old town Bar Jose, El Estadio or similar to watch these and catch the enthusiasm of the home support. Any of the above can be pleasantly watched in the Jávea beach bars such as Moskito, Mintt or Carpe Diem as well, all of which tend to have big outdoor screens and parties lined up for the occasions.

Holidays in Jávea – June is the best month!
Still short of something to do in Javea Spain during your vacation? Probably not, but there are plenty more activities round town such as theme parties in the Javea night clubs, latin fiestas, diving and sailing classes, guided tours round the area and much much more.

Get your bookings in and start planning your holiday in the sun. Javea is a perfect choice to entertain you in June with clean and safe beaches, plenty of activities for all ages and one of the most impressive fiesta programs on the entire coast of the Costa Blanca!

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