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The availability of nightclubs, bars and pubs in Javea is massive. We can recommend you a few. Blatantly promote the madness of others. But essentially you need to dress up and go explore the Javea nightlife yourself to get a real feeling for the places and wonderful people filling them up.

Achill Javea – Classy Nightclub with a Seaview
One of the older and classier clubs on the Arenal Beach in Javea is Achill. Its raised above the buzz of the bar strip with a glorious view from above overlooking the entire Javea bay.

The outside of Achill Javea is done out with cosy soft seating in sparkling colours and has to be the ideal location for relaxing with a pina colada whilst enjoying the glorious views. The inside is more of a traditional discotheque with crazy colors, DJ booths and dance floors crowded with local youngsters and tourists out enjoying themselves.

All through the year special parties and fiestas are happening at Achill with some of the highlights being hard pumped house parties, Ibiza disco nights and fetish fiestas with stunning stage performances.

The drinks at Achill are rather excessively priced in general and if you are hunting for a bargain night out this is definitely not your spot. But you get a great setup, competent staff, a super atmosphere and well planned events for the money. Is it worth it? Depends entirely what you are after, but certainly trying out a beer in the outdoor sofas with a view of the Javea coastline shouldbnt be missed by anyone.


Socco Javea – New Popular Beach Club
One of the more recent additions to the lineup of the Arenal beach nightlife is called Socco. The club faces away from the beach, but the main attractions are inside anyway.

At the moment of writing Socco is probably the most happening club in Javea with live DJs on almost every weekend night, a steady flow of fantastic theme parties and a strong support from expats, tourists and Spanish youth alike making Socco full to the brim of happy party people every weekend.

During the day you can enjoy an outdoor coffee, watch a football game on the big screen or have a chat with new or old friends in the comfortable seating at Socco. But the real deal is at night when the crazy Spanish parties kick off at full volume. Socco has reasonable prices, lovely staff and more fiestas, theme parties and DJs than anyones liver could possible cope with. This is one is a must when visiting Javea!

La Hacienda – The Hidden Gem On Montgo Javea
The nightclub La Hacienda is something truly special. Its a bit of a stretch to label it a Javea nightclub as it is located on the mountain Montgo, right in the middle between Xabia and Denia. Nonetheless, this is a place well worth visiting and they do have taxi bus services commuting from the disco to Javea and Denia at night.

The club itself is an astonishing piece of architecture with a distinct latin vibe. It is hard to determine if you are actually indoors or outside at any of the many bars inside the place, as all the rooms smoothly drift into eachother. Sometimes with open sky above, sometimes with chilled little cosy lounge rooms.

Hacienda features live music of better quality than most places in the area with original Spanish acts, in particular the ska gigs and festivals are worth looking out for. In addition special theme parties and events are held throughout the summer such as hippie parties and markets (the area was a hippie camp in the 60s), Moros y Christianos celebrations and more traditional DJ and live music gigs.


La Locura Javea – South American Craziness
One of the most fascinating and truly crazy night clubs on the Arenal barstrip is La Locura. Just like Achill it is raised above the beach and has stunning views, but in this case theres really no reason to spend your time outdoors.

Stepping inside La Locura is like entering a dodgy Colombian night club after hours – and in reality, that is largely exactly what it is! La Locura has a very strong attendance from south Americans living in Javea and the events are clearly slanted towards the type of entertainment they enjoy. That means madness, uninhibited joy and party all night long is guaranteed! If you are easily offended or prudish in your way, La Locura might not be your ideal choice, but for anyone with a wild party gene and an open mind its a wondrous experience.

There are plenty of fiestas and events at La Locura. Sometimes relatively family friendly, sometimes not so much. Check their schedule for something that suits you, take a deep breath and enter the madness of La Locura!

Platino Javea – Cheap & Jolly Hangout
Most of the other places mentioned are pretty stylish or expensive. Platino is far more down to earth and a cheap alternative to a lot of the clubs and bars in Javea catering to tourists and expats.

Platino is located on the Arenal beach and as such has a steady influx of drinking tourists throughout the summer, but the vast majority of the regular clientèle are English immigrants. There is nothing pretentious or snobbish about Platino. They deliver easily accessible entertainment at a low / reasonable price. Some will find the sing-along cover bands, party bands singing on top of background tracks on stereos, karaoke nights and similar a bit too chavish, others clearly enjoy the down to earth vibe.


Penelope Javea – Genuine Live Music Venue
In the historic centre of Javea we find the best live music venue in Xabia. Penelope has a full calendar of exciting original acts ranging from charting Spanish pop band over indierock and ska to punk and metal.

Apart from the live music Penelope has all your heart might desire of events, happenings and fiestas. Located next to one of old towns main squares they tend to get involved in most city wide fiestas, but apart from that they launch their own carnevals, football tournaments, fashion shows and much more – on top of a busy schedule of live DJs playing Ibiza style vibes through the night.

The charming venue in Javea old town is split in three. A big stage area and dancefloor, a chilled bar area for hanging out and looking cool plus an outdoor beer garden for those warm summer nights.

More venues to follow, but we wont pretend to ever be all exclusive and do feel free to email or post in the comments if we left out a really worthwhile club that shouldn’t be missed

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