Moors and Christians Javea – A Photo Story 2012

Today … just a little photo story from the Moors and Christians battles in Javea. The Christian forces landing on the beach of Jávea to attempt to retake the castle …

moors and christians xabia

But the Moors are ready to defend the city at all cost….

moors and christians javeamoors and christians xabia

Uh oh, Christian girls with guns!

christian girls with guns - moors and christianschristian girls with guns - moors and christians

They use real gunpowder and each shot thunders through the air. The burning gunpowder fills the air with smoke and residue.

moors-and-christians-xabiamoros y christianos xabia

The Christian troops manage to push the Moors back and the final battle for the castle begins

battle for javea castle - moors and christiansmuslim leaders javea

The Muslim Moors are defeated and have to retreat as the Christians take over the castle

muslim defeat - Xabia moors and christiansmuslim defeat - Xabia moors and christians

The new Christian rulers of Jávea enters the castle and the Moors retreat …

christians javeachristian javea fiesta

….after a parade of the Javea Muslim moors retreating and the victorious Christians of Jávea marching the streets in triumpf … it was time for the demons to transform the rest of the night into a havoc of fireworks fired at the crowds, correcfocs!


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Dont forget. The final day of Moors and Christians remains. Dont miss it. Jávea Port – get there late afternoon for parades and fireworks!

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