Granadella Beach

Granadella beach is located in a tiny cove by Javea. It spoils it visitors with some of the most amazingly breathtaking scenery you could possibly hope to find. At the same time grenadella is strangely quiet and undisturbed which only adds to the natural beauty of this hidden gem.

Finding granadella cove or the granadella beach can be a struggle. It is hidden away down steep and narrow mountain roads through desolated scenery behind the buzzing beach resort Javea. But the effort to find Granadella is indeed extremely worthwhile and rewarding.

grenadella beach

Firstly, the beach at Granadella is pebbled rather than sandy, however its pleasant and smooth enough to simply enjoy sunbathing and dazing in amazing surroundings. The granadella cove is surrounded by mountains lending it an almost cave like atmosphere of unseen beauty. In fact, if you like to explore ancient caves Grenadella sports those too, but be prepared for a challenging walk or swim to get to them.

The mountain tops round the grenadella cove can only be reached by foot and will take some stamina and supplies. Do not venture upthere without sufficient supplies of water and perhabs a few snacks for the road. However, the walk itself is an amazing mountain journey with fantastic unparalelled views across the cove, out to sea and backwards through the mountanous isolated valleys. Once reaching the top youre spoiled with not only the incredible views but the ruins of a historic castle as well.

grenadella cove

Facilities at Grenadella cove are in much lesser supply than at the main Javea resort, the arenal. However, there are a couple of primarily seafood restaurants, a busy little bar with pleasant outdoor seating as well as public toilets and rescue facilities at the beach. You dont choose a holiday or visit to Grenadella for the buzz though, you choose it for the unspoiled beauty and the surprising peace and quiet still remaining at this hidden little pearl in Javea. It is possible to rent a holiday villa at Grenadella or a small townhouse on the road leading to the cove, but you need to be very specific when searching them out as the area is tiny compared to the vast urbanisations of Javea and “nearby Grenadella” could mean up the other side of the mountain. If you do choose to spend your vacation at Grenadella cove you most definitely need a car for the duration of the stay, as the nearest taxis are back at Javeas arenal and no other regular forms of transport are easily available or convenient.

Granadella beach is one of those rare little places you only see on films –  and in fact you can as the Bruce Willis blockbuster The Cold Light of Day was actually shot in Javea round the Granadella cove. Dont cheat yourself out of the experience Bruce Willis and a select few others had, go treat yourself to a day, a week or a month enjoying the peace, the beauty and the unspoiled nature of Granadella cove.

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